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Phone: (864) 482 - 7110
Toll Free: (855) 822 - 7755
Fax: (864) 482 - 7112

Our Services

We first make sure to thoroughly educate patients and caregivers regarding the patient’s condition and care needs. Topics covered include disease progression, symptoms and symptom control, identifying physical and emotional needs of patient, caregiver support needs, advanced directives, and others as necessary.

Symptom Management
Clinical staff schedules visit frequency based on symptom control needs of patient. Nurses, social workers, and chaplains will assess the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual status upon each visit and consult with physician. Management plan may be adjusted accordingly. When medications are deemed necessary to control symptoms, hospice staff will coordinate with pharmacy and arrange for the family to pick up medications from pharmacy. Education will be provided to patient and family regarding proper use of medications.

Medical Equipment
If the hospice team determines that medical equipment is needed for comfort and safety in daily activities, orders will be obtained from physician and arrangements will be made for equipment to be delivered to the patient’s home. Patient and family will be educated regarding safe use of equipment.

Safety Assistance
Clinical staff and social worker assess patient safety and identify any safety hazards for the patient. Safety education and assistance are provided to patient, family, and all caregivers. Hospice aides are available as needed to assist patient with daily living activities.

Advanced Directives
Our Masters level social worker will assist patient and family with advanced directives and end of life planning as requested. Advanced directives include Healthcare POA (Power of Attorney), Durable POA, and Living Will, for example. Our social worker also assists families with community resources.

Counseling & Chaplain Services
Our social worker and Chaplain are available for counseling and support of patient and family. Life review can be a very important source of closure for patients. Chaplain services are available to provide spiritual nourishment and care during this difficult journey.

Bereavement Support
Continued support is extended to the family for 13 months, unless declined by family. Patient families may choose to arrange a yearly memorial service for their loved one, support group meetings, periodic mailings and/or phone calls to assist with transition after loss. We are here for you!